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Warning! Some information on this page is older than 5 years now. I keep it for reference, but it probably doesn't reflect my current knowledge and beliefs.

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# WeCan 2012 Demoparty

Sep 2012

Last weekend - 14-16 September 2012 in £ód¼, Poland, there was a multiplatform demoscene party called WeCan. I've been there and I think it was great event! For more information, see these links:

My favourite production was Wave AtraKKtor - a 4k intro coded by my friend KK/DMA. He took first place. Congratulations Krzysiek! Maybe next year I will make some production for this party, whether demo or game...

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# 4k Executable Graphics with Fractal

Jun 2012

There was a competition announced on forum.warsztat.gd in making a 4k executable graphics. In case you don't know what is it: It is a category well known on demoscene where you have to write a program - Windows executable in assembler, C, C++, Java, HTML or any other language, that fits into 4 KB size limit and generates a static, nice looking image. Obviously there is no way to store a bitmap inside such size, so the graphics must be generated procedurally. For list best prods in this category, see this search query on pouet.net.

I participated in this competition and here is my entry with source code: gfx_4k_Reg.zip. EXE file itself has 1259 bytes. Archive has password "demoscene" (needed because server of my hosting company rejects archives containing unusual EXE files like this, thinking it is a virus :)

Not very impressive, but keep in mind that I coded it in about 2-3 hours, with little previous experience in this kind of coding. If you are interested in how such program is made, I used:

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# Demoscene: Revision 2012 and Moleman 2

Apr 2012

Last weekend - during Easter - there was a big demoscene party in Germany called Revision, the successor of Breakpoint. HD live videostream was available during the event and now all productions can be downloaded from Pouet.net (
also via FTP). Geeks3d.com summarizes most interesting prods and links to YouTube videos, but of course it's better to download and watch these amazing demos and intros in the highest quality, running on your machine.

Another interesting news related to demoscene is Moleman 2 - The Art of the Algorithms - a 1.5 h long documentary movie about demoscene, now available to download for free in HD and even Full HD quality. I really recommend this movie. I think it's very professional and perfectly explains what the demoscene is all about. Plus the interviews are interlaced with nice visuals and music from demos :)

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# RiverWash 2011

Sep 2011

Last weekend, at same time as WGK Conference in Gdańsk, another interesting event took place - RiverWash 2011, a Polish demoscene party. This time it was held in £ód¼. Last year and two years ago I attended it, so I really regret I couldn't be there this time. After looking at some photos from the party on Facebook, I guess it was lots of fun. About the productions, all stuff can be downloaded from ftp://scene.org/pub/parties/2011/riverwash11/. It takes 1.43 GB (from which 933 MB is the "wild" subdirectory).

There were two full-size, newschool demos. 1st place went to "Machineris" by Futuris. Unfortunately it doesn't work correctly on my machine (probably because of the AMD graphics card). High-quality video recording can be found here: Machineris by Futuris @ YouTube.

4k intro category had 3 entries. 1st place was taken by "Chaos theory 4k" - an intro by KK from DMA, known on Warsztat as Krzysiek K. Congratulations on winning two competitions on two different parties, in two different cities on the same weekend! It's a remake of "Chaos Theory" by Conspiracy - a 64k intro presented on Assembly 2006. He managed to squeeze it into 4 kilobytes :) High-quality video is here: Chaos theory by KK / DMA | 4k @ YouTube.

There were 3 entries in Game category. 1st place was taken by "Vampire rabbits attack" by AsmCode and Presto - a 3D FPS shooter with toon shading. Generally the games are not very impressive - apparently demosceners are not so committed to game development as we are on warsztat.gd :)

Graphics and photos are also worth attention. 1st place in "Newschool GFX" category - "Last Train To Nowhere" by Slayer - is great, but I especially like "Halfway to yesterday" by Azzaro, which became my new wallpaper.

Of course there were other categories in the competition, like Amiga demo or Chip music. But I pay attention mostly to newschool PC demos and intros and I keep dreaming about making one. The vision of coding demos is very tempting for someone who likes graphics programming, because unlike in developing games, it's simpler and does not require dealing with gameplay and other things.

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# Demoscene Night - Review

Jul 2011

Together with Tdc we have written a Review of Demoscene Night (in Polish) - party which took place on July 23rd. It is published on atarionline.pl website. You can also find there some photos from this event.

Noc z Demoscen± Noc z Demoscen±

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# DevMeeting and Demoscene Night

Jul 2011

Yesterday I attended two events related to my interests. First was about collision detection in JavaScript games, organized by Marek Paw³owski from devmeetings.pl. During this almost 12-hour workshop we could learn about JavaScript, as well as some theory of 2D collision detection and space partitioning techniques. Nothing new for me, but I liked formula of this workshop. We could learn some theory from slides, but most of the time we had some tasks to code on our laptops - first to implement a simple library for aspects in JavaScript and then to code Asteroids game, including precise collision detection and QuadTree. Most of the code for this game was ready - we were given a framework, as well as libraries with math and a class for QuadTree. Our task was to just to connect it together. I think it's a good way of teaching programming in practice.

Web technologies are not my main interest, but I like JavaScript. I even think  it's the most beautiful scripting language in terms of syntax. Being able to freely draw 2D (using HTML Canvas) as well as 3D graphics (using WebGL) makes it a good technology for learning and prototyping geometry or gameplay algorithms. Marek also pointed on the DevMeeting an interesting conclusion that it's very easy to port algorithms from C/C++ to JavaScript. But on the other hand, Dab reminded me today that Lua is a scripting language with very similar features, but faster and more lightweight interpreter, so it's still better choice as a scripting language embedded in high-performance software like games.

More photos

Second event was Noc z Demoscen± - Demoscene Night. It took place in Fabryka Kot³ów club (former No Mercy). During that night we could see some olschool, as well as newschool demos presented on a a big screen and, what is most important, meet some nice people there. Thanks Voyager for organizing this event! It was great especially because the 3-day demoscene party RiverWash, which took place here in Warsaw in last 2 years, this year is in £ód¼ and I can't attend it. This night was very inspiring and now I feel like developing a technology to make a demo :)

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# On/Off Expo

Oct 2010

I've spent whole day on On/Off Expo that currently takes place in Warsaw. I've met many interesting people there from both gamedev.pl and demoscene. Poeple from demoscene organize a place there with "retro games" where everyone can play some games on old computers like Amiga or Commodore. But the rest of expo is about the newest and most advanced technology available to ordinary customer. You can find lots of hardware there like graphics cards, motherboards, pendrives, speakers, headphones, cellphones, 3D TVs and more. You can play on PC, Xbox 360, some driving and flight simulators, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Wii, Kinect and even the unreleased Tron Evolution game. Generally there are lots of attractions so if you live in Warsaw, I strongly recommend visiting the expo tomorrow. Here are my photos from this event. One of them:

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# Allegro Party

Sep 2010

Last weekend I've been in Poznań on Allegro Party -  party for users of Allegro.pl - online auctions website. But we went there with my friends from the demoscene not only because we trade stuff online, but as organizers, as one of the highlights of the event were classic computers like Amiga or Commodore, ready to play good old games. Here are my photos from the event.

NEW: Some more information about this party (in Polish) can be found here:

Now I try to catch up with news on my Twitter and on the blogs I follow. One of these news in GPU Technology Conference by NVIDIA, which took place Sep 20-24, 2010 in San Jose, USA. Much interesting new graphics and HPC-related hardware and software have been shown there. Many coverages can be found over the Internet, like this one. What attracted my attention the most is a plenoptic lens technology presented by Adobe (I recommend the video at the bottom of this page). Their camera is equipped with a matrix of many small lenses, giving kind of a 4D image. It can be then processed to a single photo with software-controlled depth of field. There are also more than a hundred posters presented on the conference, available for download here. Posters is a nice form for presenting research results because it's short and attractive.

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