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Jun 2014

Pixel Heaven 2014 - My Photos

Here is the gallery of my photos from Pixel Heaven 2014:

Pixel Heaven 2014

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Nov 2013

PGA & ZTG 2013 - Review and Photos

18-20 October 2013 in Poznań there was Poznań Game Arena (event for gamers) together with Zjazd Twórców Gier (game developers conference).

Here is REVIEW of the event on atarionline.pl written by me together with Tomasz Cieślewicz "tdc" (in Polish). You can also take a look at GALLERY of my photos.

Or if you just want a quick summary: It's an interesting event. Not that technical or programming-oriented like IGK or WGK conference, but worth attending. Especially if you are interested in game design or feel some connection with indie games community.

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Apr 2013

IGK 2013 - My Photos

IGK 2013 @ Google+ - here is the gallery of my photos from the IGK 2013 conference.

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Dec 2012

Silly Venture 2012 - My Photos

7-9 Dec 2012 in Gdańsk, Poland, another interesting event took place - Silly Venture 2012 - Atari demoscene party. Here are my photos:

Silly Venture 2012 @ PicasaWeb

Although I'm not a fan of Atari platform, as I'm too young to remember the time when it was commonly used (my first computer was 286 PC), I like this kind of events because of nice people I can meet there and the "demoscene spirit" that can there be felt.

I must also admit that the Atari demoscene looks very strong. They have several parties in Poland every year (Głuchołazy, Grzybsoniada, Silly Venture, ...) and lots of productions submitted to many different categories in the competition. This party was international - there were people from Finland, Czech Republic and other countries and all the official announcements, as well as intro videos were in two languages - Polish and English.

The party was very well organized, especially comparing to RiverWash or WeCan multiplatform demoparty. It was in a school where lots of chairs and tables available allowed to bring, setup and present many computers, a classroom was adapted as sleeping room, we were given paper voting forms so we could enter our votes as we watched the productions, we had unlimited beer, limousine ride and other atractions - all included in the ticket fee... So, thanks a lot and see you next year!

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Apr 2012

IGK-9'2012 - Photo Gallery

Here are my photos from the IGK-9'2012 conference:

Main Gallery
Games from Compo
Slides about Sphere Tracing

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Nov 2011

Copernicus Science Centre

Some time ago this year I've been in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. It's a huge interactive museum presenting numerous experiments from different fields of science. Of course for me most interesting was the stuff related to images, shapes and colors. There was a long queue near the entrance of the building and visiting all the exhibits - even briefly, took a lot of time, but still if you come to Warsaw and have a whole free day, I really recommend visiting Copernicus Science Centre. Here are my photos: Centrum Nauki Kopernik @ Picasa:

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Sep 2011

WGK 2011 - Links

WGK 2011 - First National Conference on Computer Games Development - took place 2-4 September 2011 at Gdańsk University Of Technology. It's time to aggregate links to information and multimedia about this event:





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Sep 2011

WGK 2011 - My Photos

First National Conference on Computer Games Development in Gdańsk is over. I didn't take many photos this time, but I have some - see my gallery WGK 2011 @ Picasa.

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