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Warning! Some information on this page is older than 5 years now. I keep it for reference, but it probably doesn't reflect my current knowledge and beliefs.

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# C++/CLI Tutorial

Dec 2011

I finished and present my latest production - a tutorial for C++/CLI programming language. C++/CLI is an extension to C++ made by Microsoft and available in Visual Studio / Visual C++ IDE. At the same time it is one of the languages of .NET platform, next to C# or VB.NET. With it you can freely mix native and managed code, which gives extraordinary power in some applications. I've been using this language in my previous job and now I want to share this piece of knowledge. Here is the PDF document and ZIP archive with sample source code:

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# My Talk in Kraków - Slides

Mar 2011

I just went back from Kraków where I've given a talk at AGH University of Science and Technology (Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza), at SKN Shader scientific group. The title of my presentation was "Pułapki programowania obiektowego" ("Pitfalls of Object-Oriented Programming"). Here are the slides: [PDF], [PPTX]. The presentation is new, although you could already see most of the slides at IGK conference or at Polygon scientific group.

By the way, I want to thank Koshmaar, TeMPOraL and all members of the SKN Shader for the wonderful time in Kraków. You can see several photos that I took there in my gallery on Picasaweb and a panorama photo on Panogio.

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# March 29th, Kraków - my Next Presentation

Mar 2011

Tomorrow I go to Kraków to give a talk at AGH University of Science and Technology (Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza). I've been invited by my friends from SKN Shader scientific group (greetings Koshmaar and TeMPOraL :)

The title of my presentation will be "Pułapki programowania obiektowego" ("Pitfalls of Object-Oriented Programming"). The event will take place at 18:30, building B1, room H24. More information is available in this entry on SKN Shader website, as well as Facebook event.

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# IGK Conference - Our Slides

Mar 2011

8th Polish Game Engineering Conference (VIII Ogólnopolska Konferencja Inżynierii Gier Komputerowych) IGK-8'2011 is over so now we can publish slides from our presentation:

Tworzenie wydajnego kodu c++ w podejściu zorientowanym na dane (PDF)

It's in Polish. Here is abstract of the paper:

(Polish) Artykuł opisuje wady programowania obiektowego – zarówno od strony projektowej, jak i ze względu na wydajność kodu. Porusza problem opóźnienia w dostępie do pamięci RAM we współczesnych architekturach komputerowych. Przedstawia programowanie zorientowane na dane (ang. DOD –­ Data-Oriented Design) jako alternatywne podejście do projektowania i implementowania silnika gry kładące nacisk na optymalizację struktur danych pod kątem szybkości. Porusza także problem wydajności poszczególnych konstrukcji języka C++. 

(English) Paper describes pitfalls of object-oriented programming – from the design perspective, as well as regarding code performance. It mentions problem of latency in accessing data in RAM memory on today computer architectures. It shows DOD (Data-Oriented Design) as an alternative approach to design and implementation of a game engine focused on optimizing data structures in terms of performance. It also describes efficiency of different C++ language constructs. 

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# My Talk about OOP on Polygon Group - Slides

Jan 2011

Here are slides from my today presentation - "Pułapki programowania obiektowego" (in Polish): PDF, PPTX.

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# My Talk about OOP on Polygon Group

Jan 2011

This Wednesday on the Polygon scientific group I'll give a talk titled "Pułapki programowania obiektowego" ("Pitfalls of Object-Oriented Programming" - but that's just a translation, not to be confused with great English article with same title). It will be a polemics with the recent Veldrin's presentation on design patterns and also another expression of my interest in the topic of DOD (Data-Oriented Design). I'll post more on this subject soon, including slides from my presentation.

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# C++ in Game Programming - Slides

Nov 2010

Here are slides from my yesterday lecture "C++ in Game Programming" (in Polish):

C++ w programowaniu gier.pdf
C++ w programowaniu gier.pptx

Comments are welcome. I consider this an attempt before writing something bigger of this kind that I hope to submit as a paper to one of Polish game developers conferences next year, like IGK.

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# My Lecture on Polygon Group

Nov 2010

I've joined "Polygon" - a scientific group of game developers on Warsaw University of Technology (Website, Forum, Facebook). That's true I'm no longer a student, but this fact doesn't forbid me to drink beer just like they do :) Tomorrow I'll give there a lecure entitled "C++ in game development". Slides will be available for download in the coming days.

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