Time Measurement in Game Programming - My Article in ProgramistaMag

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Oct 2013

Time Measurement in Game Programming - My Article in ProgramistaMag

In new issue 9/2013 (16) of Programista magazine there is my next article (in Polish) - "Pomiar czasu w programowaniu gier" (Time Measurement in Game Programming). This is an article about very specific subject, important in game development, as well as programming other real-time systems. Most books about game development mention the subject of time measurement, but usually go quickly to higher level like creating some timer class etc. This article focuses on lower level and gives solid theoretical background. It covers:

Plus some other information... You can find the magazine e.g. in Empik stores, as well as subscribe for electronic or paper version.

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2016-01-20 10:50:04
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2016-01-20 12:17:22
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