Music Visualizations - Plans for the Future

Sep 2015

Music Visualizations - Plans for the Future

Last weekend I was showing my music visualizations on two parties. First one was in a club, projected on flat screen, while the second one was an open-air party (my 7th and last one in this summer season :) with the image projected on trees. For this one I had to prepare something different - simple, contrast shapes and single color only, so it could be clearly visible. Here is a small video:

It doesn't look like this because I wanted it exactly this way or because that was my "artistic vision", but just because showing some rotating images downloaded from the Internet and blending transformed feedback from previous frame was the easiest way to start with something interestingly looking.

Now I have tons of ideas to improve this program as soon as I find some free time. Next to some small technical tasks like refactoring code or simply adding new graphical effects, I plan following big TODO-s (with no particular order decided yet):

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2015-09-15 12:14:59
Looks very nice. FFmpeg decoding is very fast on modern CPUs. Uploading deocoded frame to the GPU also is not a problem (1080p@60 is only about 0.5 GB/s).
2015-09-15 14:35:23
I always like to implement OSC server in rendering application, that allows me to quickly create UI for client control panel or use anyting that supports OSC (controllers, launchpads, tablet phones).

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