Desmos | Beautiful, Free Math
online calculator math
AMD Processor Security | AMD
amd security
The Code Corsair – Ahoy world!
graphics blog
Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post
politics economy usa
Silicon Valley Techies Still Think They're the Good Guys. They're Not. | WIRED
Nathan Reed’s coding blog
graphics blog
Our Machinery
graphics blog
Crunch po polsku: spanie w biurze, zimna pizza i energetyki. Tak powstają najlepsze gry - WP Gry
Render graphs and Vulkan — a deep dive – Maister's Graphics Adventures
vulkan graphics
Flow Fields, Part I – Keith Peters – Medium
New in VS 2015: /Zc:throwingNew | Visual C++ Team Blog
visual_studio c++
Interplay of Light
graphics blog
Michal Drobot – Personal space for my rambling hemispheres
graphics blog
Video Games Are Destroying the People Who Make Them - The New York Times
Pierwsze zadania programisty – zebrane od ponad 20 osób | - Mateusz Kupilas

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