Render graphs and Vulkan — a deep dive – Maister's Graphics Adventures
vulkan graphics
Flow Fields, Part I – Keith Peters – Medium
New in VS 2015: /Zc:throwingNew | Visual C++ Team Blog
visual_studio c++
Interplay of Light
graphics blog
Michal Drobot – Personal space for my rambling hemispheres
graphics blog
Video Games Are Destroying the People Who Make Them - The New York Times
Pierwsze zadania programisty – zebrane od ponad 20 osób | - Mateusz Kupilas
CppCon2017/Presentations at master · CppCon/CppCon2017
c++ slides
Wizualizacje Deruba Gdańsk Interference Festival 2017
vj interview
UE4 Blueprints From Hell
humor unreal
graphics online
The Book of Shaders
shaders graphics
git documentation
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