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# WGK 2011 - My Photos

Sep 2011

First National Conference on Computer Games Development in Gdańsk is over. I didn't take many photos this time, but I have some - see my gallery WGK 2011 @ Picasa.

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# WGK Gamedev Conference - This Weekend

Aug 2011

This weekend - 2-4 September 2011 in Gdańsk, Poland - National Conference on Computer Games Development takes place (see also forum.warsztat.gd topic). It's the first edition of this event. I'm going to go there and I look forward to see if it will be good.

It's impossible not to compare it to the IGK conference in Siedlce, which was already held 8 times. Similar to it, WGK is focused primarily on games programming, includes lectures on Friday evening and whole Saturday and on Sunday there is a competition where team of up to 4 people have to develop a game from scratch during 8 hours. We will see if MrKaktus and others from Gdansk University of Technology succeed in organizing as good or even better conference. Anyway it's a great opportunity for us - programmers from Warsztat and other Polish game developers - to meet live and have a nice time together. So see you in Gdańsk!

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# Hakaton - HTML5 Programming Event

Apr 2011

Today I was on Hakaton - a full day event organized by Google at Warsaw University of Technology. It was actually a contest in HTML5 programming. I had no previous experience in HTML5, but as a team with two other participants we scored 2nd place out of 17, won nice backpacks and books on web design :)

The theme was "Creative Science", but as always in such contests, participants just coded different stuff. Our entry is a simulation game where creatures of different species (red, green and blue) move around and do different things. Red creatures are predators - they have to eat blue ones or else they die from starvation. Blue ones try to avoid reds, eat green plants and form couples to generate offspring. Finally, green creatures do not move - they are plants, they just grow by generating new elements. Interesting situations can emerge from such simple rules. For example, sometimes only plants remain and grow infinitely, but sometimes blue creatures consume all plants and breed to a large number. We even managed to make it interactive - you can put new creatures on the map with mouse clicks. The game is coded in HTML5 and JavaScript using <canvas>. It requires a modern web browser with support for these technologies. You can play our game online here:


What I also liked was extensive use of Twitter during the party. #hakaton was second most popular hashtag in Poland today! Some screenshots:

RGB Creatures

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# Temple of ZUO - Our Entry from IGK Compo

Apr 2011

Here is our entry from IGK Compo. It was a game development competition at IGK'8-2011 conference where we had to develop a game in teams of up to 4 people in 7.5 hours. The topic this year was "Temple Guardian". We scored 2nd place out of 12. Here is our game - "Temple of ZUO" - with Windows binary and source code:


This year's topic could possibly mean a game genre also called Tower Defence, but we interpreted it more directly - that we have some temple and someone who guards it. Our temple is evil and the guardian is a monster with tentacles. Mobs come out from spawn points. Player controls the monster that spreads its tentacles from the temple by clicking left mouse button and dragging the cursor. Player wins when the mana bar at the top is filled by drinking water from lakes across the map. Player loses when mobs take control of all the seals across the map. Tentacles can destroy mobs by hitting them with endings while mobs can also destroy tentacles by attacking them somewhere in the middle. Tentacles can be quickly collapsed with Space key. The number of available tentacles is increasing with the number of mobs destroyed, but mob spawn rate also increses.

Our team this year - Rzeźnicy Inc. - looked just like the year before: Krzysztof Kluczek (Krzysiek K.), Karol Kuczmarski (Xion), Grzegorz Stępnik (gemGreg) and me - Adam Sawicki (Reg). We coded in Visual C++, using Direct3D 9 and FMOD library. The foundation of our code was a simple framework by Krzysiek K. and the core of gameplay is certainly the physics of tentacles, coded by Krzysiek K. All the graphics have beed created during the compo by gemGreg. Music is: Lou Gaioto - GreensAuCarneVale - a free mp3 found on opsound.com.

Fullscreen mode, screen resolution and music volume can be tweaked in config.cfg file. Levels can be switched with F1..F6 keyboard shortcut.

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# Automated Level Design Compo

Feb 2011

Last week an unusual competition took place on Warsztat, called Automated Level Design Compo (link to the forum thread, in Polish). Krzysiek K. coded a program that loads voxel maps in his text file format, renders them and allows to actually play such voxel games, including collision, physics and collecting some 3D models placed in the virtual world. Our task, as compo participants, was to code a small console program that takes random seed number and destination file name as its parameters and generates such voxel map. The theme for this edition was "flying islands". Here are some links related to this event:

I posted my entry and took 3rd place out of 5. Coding a voxel map generator was fun, because hacking with some math and being able to immediately see its visual results is one of the best things for someone fascinated in games and graphics programming, next to seeing your code running efficiently :) I took a screenshot from each compo entry. Mine is the 3rd one - the one with the forest (player's task on my map is to collect all mushrooms). Voxel technology is interesting. That's also why I play Minecraft a bit recently :)

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# PolyJam - Global Game Jam 2011 in Warsaw

Jan 2011

Global Game Jam is a worldwide initiative to organize a 48-hour game development competition in many different locations, at the same time. For more information, read the extensive GGJ Wiki. This year it takes place on January 28-30. In Poland there are even 3 registered places. KrakJam takes place at AGH University in Kraków. It is organized second time, by Koshmaar and the "Shader" scientific group.

For the first time the competition will also be held in Warsaw. It's called PolyJam and it's organized by "Polygon" scientific group at Warsaw University of Technology. Here is the list of PolyJam jammers. I invite everyone who is interested in game development (not only programming, but also graphics, sound, game design and other disciplines) to register.

I'm going to participate, yet I'm not quite sure how the atmosphere of such event looks like. What's the best approach to creating games at such competitions? Is it making a simple 2D game from scratch using some simple C++ framework, using some middleware like Unity, or maybe developing a web game in JavaScript of Flash?

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