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Warning! Some information on this page is older than 6 years now. I keep it for reference, but it probably doesn't reflect my current knowledge and beliefs.

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# Make Your Game Friendly for Graphics Debugging and Optimization - My Talk from Digital Dragons 2019

Jun 2019

I've recently gave a talk at Digital Dragons conference in Kraków, Poland. It wasn't very technically advanced this time. Most of it should be understandable to everyone working on games - artists, programmers, producers... I've published slides on GPUOpen.com blog, along with slides my colleagues presented last month at other events across Europe. See: AMD at Digital Dragons and Vulkanised Conference.

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# The End of Lag Magazine

Aug 2014

In November 2012 a new paper magazine appeared in Poland called Lag (FB page). I didn't post about it here because I didn't want my little corner of the Internet to carry a negative opinion about this innovative project. But now, after two issues, they announced the end of the project. The editor-in-chief says that it's accounting, packaging, shipping and stuff like that what made it too difficult, so I don't know whether it was a success commercially or many people would share my opinion, but anyway... I think such magazine doesn't make much sense. Here is why:

Lag was an unusual magazine. It was about games, but without any news, game reviews or screenshots. It contained only journalism (plus some illustrations) - essays not even about a particular game, but about games in general and their place in our culture. It felt like being targeted at older, mature readers. Meanwhile, popular stereotype says that games are just for children and teenagers. Some people (and statistics) show something opposite - that they are for everyone. Where is the truth?

I still like games despite being 30, but I like them because I still feel young. I like chasing news, watching trailers and screenshots, sometimes being enthusiastic or even fanatic about some IP and buying a game in the day they release it to the shops. For me it's all part of gaming. All in all, games are entertainment, so it's about emotions and being amused. If I had only such intelectual and analytical approach as the magazine presented, I would rather abandon my interest in games completely.

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# IGK-9'2012 - PrisonEscape Game

Apr 2012

Our team (called Rosyjscy wieśniacy - from Russian peasants multiplication algorithm) - that is Krzysztof Kluczek "Krzysiek K.", Karol Kuczmarski "Xion" and me - scored 1st place in the gamedev compo at IGK-9'2012 conference! Thanks for all your votes, I'm glad you like our game. The theme this year was "Escape", so we decided to make an oldschool looking 2D game with pixel art, where a prisoner tries to escape, runs through constantly scrolling map, avoids policemen etc. It is coded in C++ using Direct3D 9. Here you can download binaries:

IGK2012_PrisonEscape.zip (5.83 MB)

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# Nyan Cat + Angry Birds = Angry Nyan Cat

Jul 2011

If Angry Birds was joined with Nyan Cat, how would it look like? I think it would be something like this:

Angry Birds + Nyan Cat = Angry Nyan Cat

Note: This is only an image I created just "for the lulz". There is no actual game like that.

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# Anomaly: Warzone Earth - a game from 11 bit studios

Apr 2011

I had a wonderful time working for Metropolis Software, but the studio was closed so we didn't finish our FPS shooter - They. But then our bosses and some of the employees formed new company - 11 bit studios, developed new technology and today is the release date of their new game: Anomaly: Warzone Earth. It's kind of "inversed tower defence", where you lead a squad through the streets of cities and fight with towers. I've done some outsource programming for this project and also tested it. The game is available on Steam for PC and Mac platforms.

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# The Fate of PC Gamer

Oct 2010

Today I finished single player campaign in the new Medal of Honor on my PC. It's a good game. It's also well optimized because desipte having very good graphics it was running very smoothly on my Radeon HD 5770 in the Full HD resolution and highest quality settings.

When planning to write that, I was thinking many of you could say "who cares?" There are so many types of games these days that the feelings of a PC gamer can be hard to understand for many. Some poeple play only casual/social/online games, some play on consoles... There is also a kind of people who enjoy games, but have no interest in the new positions on the market. Which seems strange to me because have you ever seen a sports fan, let's say a soccer fan, who is not interested in matches his favourite team plays in the current season but only talks about the matches that took place many years ago? :)

That's why (and maybe because I fill a little sick today) I've created a silly drawing: "The Fate of PC Gamer". Enjoy :)

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# Game Event, Technology Event

Sep 2010

Another interesting events took place recently. IDF - Intel Developer Forum (Sep 13-15, 2010, San Francisco, USA) is organized by just one company, but they've shown some interesting stuff there. Intel manufactures CPU-s as well as GPU-s, so there was something about hardware, as well as high-performance and parallel programming. Some topics from IDF are covered in recent entries of SoftTalk blog.

After E3 in USA and GC in Europe, this time there was a game event in Japan - TGS - Tokyo Game Show (16-19 Sep, 2010). As always, there is much new information and multimedia data after such event, like trailers and news about games under development. Some of them are specific to the exotic Japanese culture, but most of them is about games that will be available on the West too. I like watching trailers :)

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# Another 3 Events

Aug 2010

I've recently wrote about this year's SIGGRAPH (scientific conference about computer graphics) and Assembly (demoscene party). Another 3 interesting events took place recently, so it's worth looking for information about what have been shown there.

1. QuakeCon (August 12-15, 2010, Dallas, USA). It's a huge LAN party dedicated to id Software games, but they also show some new stuff there. This year it looks like the highligh was Rage, including iPhone version presented by John Carmack himself.

2. GDC Europe (August 16-18, 2010, Cologne, Germany). It's European kind of Game Developers conference. List of all sessions can be found here. There were not many sessions about programming, comparing to other categories and I can't find any slides shared online. I wish Ke-Sen Huang gathered links to materials from GDC just like he does with purely scientific conferences...

3. GamesCom (August 18-22, Cologne, Germany). This one just about PC and console games. Many information and trailers of upcoming games have been shown. Good summary can be found at Polygamia [pl].

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