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# Further improvements on my website

Oct 2019

Have you noticed any changes on my website? Probably not - and that’s the whole point. I’ve made few improvements on the technical side of it, but it’s still working as usual. Here is a brief story of the development of my home page...

I was never a passionate web developer, but I learned a bit of some languages and technologies needed to make a web page. When I started this one in 2004, the word “blog” was already in use, but there was no “cloud”, no Node.js or Ruby on Rails. I could either buy a hosting account with PHP scripting and MySQL database on the back end, or a Linux shell account with full SSH access, which would be much more expensive. Surely I chose the first option. Besides that, there was HTML 4.01 and CSS 1 on the client’s side.

Over time, I introduced gradual improvements to my home page, including:

For some time I thought maybe I should rewrite this whole website from scratch. Then there would be a difficult question to answer: What technology to use? I don’t know web technologies well, but I know there are many of them. I could just install WordPress or some other blogging system and somehow move all the existing content there. I could rewrite all the scripts using more modern PHP 7 or a more trendy language, like Ruby, server-side JavaScript. I could even make it all static HTML content, which would be enough for the things I have here. Then I could use some offline tool to generate those pages, or write my own. I could also use Amazon S3 to host those pages. The possibilities are endless...

Then I recalled the rule that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and thought the hosting service I now use at Domenomania.pl company is quite good with a low price for WWW + PHP + MySQL + FTP + e-mail account. I decided eventually just to improve the existing solution. Here is what I’ve changed recently:

If you have any suggestions about my website, whether its looks or technical details, please leave a comment.

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# Improved RSS Feed

Jan 2012

I improved the script for generating news feed for my website. It now shows entire contents of my blog posts, including HTML formatting. So if you visit my blog sometimes and haven't done it yet, subscribe to my...

RSS Feed: Adam Sawicki - Homepage (Blog) RSS Feed

using some desktop or online reader, like the popular Google Reader. I use this one for some time and I like it a lot. RSS/Atom is really good technology. With it you can see unread updates from dozens of your favourite blogs in a single place and read them all without actually visiting the website.

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# New Colors

Jan 2012

As you can see, I changed colors of my website. New new colors scheme is based on Solarized palette, which claims to be carefully designed to have some good properties. How do you like it?

EDIT: OK, you are right. That colors looked bad. But I will leave rounded corners from that new stylesheet :)

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# My new address: www.asawicki.info

Oct 2010

I've bought the "asawicki.info" domain, so now the address of my website is www.asawicki.info and my new personal e-mail address is adam__DELETE__@asawicki.info (without the "__DELETE__" part - it's here to fool spambots). Why did I do that? I'm not a proponent of a belief that when you write from a Gmail account, you are an amateur while having a SuperProMegaSoftware.com domain looks professional.

But my previous address - regedit.gamedev.pl - was associated by Google with "Geographic target" of Poland and I couldn't change it in Google Webmaster Tools because of this ".pl" suffix. Maybe that was the reason why my website was being visieted mainly from Poland despite I write in English here for quite a long time? Also, I don't like my old nickname a little bit. All in all, it's more than 10 years old now.

Why did I choose the .info ending? Well, obviously I'm not an .org-anization, my website is not .com-mercial and I don't do any .biz-ness here. This website has just some .info-rmation about me and the things I do :) Besides, other top-level domains with my name were already taken.

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# A Reminder About My Links

Jan 2010

For those who don't know yet, on my website there is more than my blog, photos and screenshots gallery and portfolio. I also maintain quite long list of links to other people's blogs, especially programmers dealing with game programming and graphics programming. So if you are interested in this subject, I encourage you to take a look. I try to keep it up to date by removing not working or inactive sites while adding new ones I find interesting. I also have my parsonal links collection called Links - gamedev.txt which I update sometiemes by addign URL-s to interesting articles and websites related to gamedev.

It may sound funny by I currently find blogs and Twitter as my most valuable source of interesting news and links. With careful choice of places you visit and people you follow it has much bigger "Signal/Noise Ratio" than any Internet forum :)

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# Switching to English

Jun 2009

I've decided to switch my website to English. I'm aware I'm not a master of English, so I can make some horrible language mistakes. Please forgive me that and also don't be afraid to tell me about them. You can post your comments in both English and Polish, as my website encoding is still Polish ISO-8859-2.

So why did I do it? I think game programming is a narrow and exotic subject, so if I share some knowledge here, more people will be able to benefit from it if I post it in English. Besides, most of programming stuff I read is in English, so it's actually even easier for me to write about programming in English than trying to translate all these technical terms to Polish, where there's often no single elegant translation. Many of other Polish programmers also blog in English, like Yarpen or SirMike, just to name a few. It's not that I don't care about my Polish friends. I still love you guys :) I just believe that all the programmers who can understand the stuff I post here can also read in English, as it's very important skill for every programmer.

All my older blog entries, descriptions of my productions and many other stuff will be still in Polish, as I'm not going to translate all these 677 records. I hope it won't bother anyone - all in all Internet is full of websites in exotic languages :)

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# Tagi do bloga i inne nowości

Jan 2009

Ulepszyłem ostatnio skrypty mojej strony. Między innymi dodałem tagi do mojego bloga i zatagowałem niektóre wpisy. Oto lista tagów. Napisałem też z pomocą JavaScript fajniejsze drzewko ze statystykami odwiedzin.

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# Wygrałem konkurs na blog IT miesiąca

Jul 2008

Zająłem pierwsze miejsce w konkursie na blog IT miesiąca. Kompletnie się tego nie spodziewałem. To nie było głosowanie internetowe, blogi oceniało jury na podstawie określonych kryteriów. Liczyły się tylko wpisy z czerwca tego roku. Nie wiem wprawdzie jak duża była konkurencja, ale zapisałem się do niego ot tak, z ciekawości. Wcale nie blogowałem specjalnie pod konkurs. Byłem przekonany, że ze swoją egzotyczną tematyką programowania gier nie mam szans z blogami na tematy internetowo-bazodanowe związane z Java, C#, PHP itp., których pełno w sieci i które zwykle mamy na myśli mówiąc "IT". A jednak stało się i wygrałem książkę... "Aplikacje Windows Forms .Net w C#" :) Drugie miejsce w konkursie zajął Xion.

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