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# RiverWash 2011

Sep 2011

Last weekend, at same time as WGK Conference in Gdańsk, another interesting event took place - RiverWash 2011, a Polish demoscene party. This time it was held in Łódź. Last year and two years ago I attended it, so I really regret I couldn't be there this time. After looking at some photos from the party on Facebook, I guess it was lots of fun. About the productions, all stuff can be downloaded from ftp://scene.org/pub/parties/2011/riverwash11/. It takes 1.43 GB (from which 933 MB is the "wild" subdirectory).

There were two full-size, newschool demos. 1st place went to "Machineris" by Futuris. Unfortunately it doesn't work correctly on my machine (probably because of the AMD graphics card). High-quality video recording can be found here: Machineris by Futuris @ YouTube.

4k intro category had 3 entries. 1st place was taken by "Chaos theory 4k" - an intro by KK from DMA, known on Warsztat as Krzysiek K. Congratulations on winning two competitions on two different parties, in two different cities on the same weekend! It's a remake of "Chaos Theory" by Conspiracy - a 64k intro presented on Assembly 2006. He managed to squeeze it into 4 kilobytes :) High-quality video is here: Chaos theory by KK / DMA | 4k @ YouTube.

There were 3 entries in Game category. 1st place was taken by "Vampire rabbits attack" by AsmCode and Presto - a 3D FPS shooter with toon shading. Generally the games are not very impressive - apparently demosceners are not so committed to game development as we are on warsztat.gd :)

Graphics and photos are also worth attention. 1st place in "Newschool GFX" category - "Last Train To Nowhere" by Slayer - is great, but I especially like "Halfway to yesterday" by Azzaro, which became my new wallpaper.

Of course there were other categories in the competition, like Amiga demo or Chip music. But I pay attention mostly to newschool PC demos and intros and I keep dreaming about making one. The vision of coding demos is very tempting for someone who likes graphics programming, because unlike in developing games, it's simpler and does not require dealing with gameplay and other things.

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