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# Automated Level Design Compo

Feb 2011

Last week an unusual competition took place on Warsztat, called Automated Level Design Compo (link to the forum thread, in Polish). Krzysiek K. coded a program that loads voxel maps in his text file format, renders them and allows to actually play such voxel games, including collision, physics and collecting some 3D models placed in the virtual world. Our task, as compo participants, was to code a small console program that takes random seed number and destination file name as its parameters and generates such voxel map. The theme for this edition was "flying islands". Here are some links related to this event:

I posted my entry and took 3rd place out of 5. Coding a voxel map generator was fun, because hacking with some math and being able to immediately see its visual results is one of the best things for someone fascinated in games and graphics programming, next to seeing your code running efficiently :) I took a screenshot from each compo entry. Mine is the 3rd one - the one with the forest (player's task on my map is to collect all mushrooms). Voxel technology is interesting. That's also why I play Minecraft a bit recently :)

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