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# Automated Level Design Compo - Castle

Aug 2012

16-17 June 2012 there was 3rd edition of "Automated Level Design Compo" on forum.warsztat.gd. Participants of this competition have to create a program (in any programming language) that generates a 3D voxel map with given theme, in a special file format that can be viewed in a provided viewer application, coded by Krzysiek K. Custom textures, 3D models and skybox can also be attached. Theme this time was "Castle". Here are forum topics about this competition: [1], [2].

It looks like I took place 1 out of 6 :) despite I didn't manage to do much from what I planned. Instead I spent most of my time during the competition for preparing an universal framwork that simplifies coding of map generators for this competition (and playing Max Payne 3 :) It contains functions for easy writing of the file format, as well as library for integer 2D vector, 3D vector and 4x3 transform matrix. Here is my entry with full source code. Let's say it is Public Domain - you may use this library in future editions of the competition if you want :)

Compo_Zamek.zip (186 KB)

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# IGK-9'2012 - Photo Gallery

Apr 2012

Here are my photos from the IGK-9'2012 conference:

Main Gallery
Games from Compo
Slides about Sphere Tracing

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# IGK-9'2012 - PrisonEscape Game

Apr 2012

Our team (called Rosyjscy wieśniacy - from Russian peasants multiplication algorithm) - that is Krzysztof Kluczek "Krzysiek K.", Karol Kuczmarski "Xion" and me - scored 1st place in the gamedev compo at IGK-9'2012 conference! Thanks for all your votes, I'm glad you like our game. The theme this year was "Escape", so we decided to make an oldschool looking 2D game with pixel art, where a prisoner tries to escape, runs through constantly scrolling map, avoids policemen etc. It is coded in C++ using Direct3D 9. Here you can download binaries:

IGK2012_PrisonEscape.zip (5.83 MB)

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# IGK-9'2012 Starts Tomorrow

Mar 2012

9th Polish Game Engineering Conference IGK-9'2012 starts tomorrow in Siedlce, Poland. Just like in previous years, we expect interesting lectures on Friday evening and whole Saturday. I especially look forward to hear about NoSQL databases and sphere tracing, as these are subjects that I always wanted to learn about but I didn't find enought time to do it before. On Sunday there will be traditional competition where teams of up to 4 people have to develop a game from scratch during 8 hours. But first of all this is a great opportunity for passionate game developers to meet and socialize. So see you in Siedlce!

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# Temple of ZUO - Our Entry from IGK Compo

Apr 2011

Here is our entry from IGK Compo. It was a game development competition at IGK'8-2011 conference where we had to develop a game in teams of up to 4 people in 7.5 hours. The topic this year was "Temple Guardian". We scored 2nd place out of 12. Here is our game - "Temple of ZUO" - with Windows binary and source code:


This year's topic could possibly mean a game genre also called Tower Defence, but we interpreted it more directly - that we have some temple and someone who guards it. Our temple is evil and the guardian is a monster with tentacles. Mobs come out from spawn points. Player controls the monster that spreads its tentacles from the temple by clicking left mouse button and dragging the cursor. Player wins when the mana bar at the top is filled by drinking water from lakes across the map. Player loses when mobs take control of all the seals across the map. Tentacles can destroy mobs by hitting them with endings while mobs can also destroy tentacles by attacking them somewhere in the middle. Tentacles can be quickly collapsed with Space key. The number of available tentacles is increasing with the number of mobs destroyed, but mob spawn rate also increses.

Our team this year - Rzeźnicy Inc. - looked just like the year before: Krzysztof Kluczek (Krzysiek K.), Karol Kuczmarski (Xion), Grzegorz Stępnik (gemGreg) and me - Adam Sawicki (Reg). We coded in Visual C++, using Direct3D 9 and FMOD library. The foundation of our code was a simple framework by Krzysiek K. and the core of gameplay is certainly the physics of tentacles, coded by Krzysiek K. All the graphics have beed created during the compo by gemGreg. Music is: Lou Gaioto - GreensAuCarneVale - a free mp3 found on opsound.com.

Fullscreen mode, screen resolution and music volume can be tweaked in config.cfg file. Levels can be switched with F1..F6 keyboard shortcut.

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# IGK Conference - My Photos

Mar 2011

Here are my photos from 8th Polish Game Engineering Conference (VIII Ogólnopolska Konferencja Inżynierii Gier Komputerowych) IGK-8'2011 - a gallery at Picasaweb:


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# IGK Conference - Our Slides

Mar 2011

8th Polish Game Engineering Conference (VIII Ogólnopolska Konferencja Inżynierii Gier Komputerowych) IGK-8'2011 is over so now we can publish slides from our presentation:

Tworzenie wydajnego kodu c++ w podejściu zorientowanym na dane (PDF)

It's in Polish. Here is abstract of the paper:

(Polish) Artykuł opisuje wady programowania obiektowego – zarówno od strony projektowej, jak i ze względu na wydajność kodu. Porusza problem opóźnienia w dostępie do pamięci RAM we współczesnych architekturach komputerowych. Przedstawia programowanie zorientowane na dane (ang. DOD –­ Data-Oriented Design) jako alternatywne podejście do projektowania i implementowania silnika gry kładące nacisk na optymalizację struktur danych pod kątem szybkości. Porusza także problem wydajności poszczególnych konstrukcji języka C++. 

(English) Paper describes pitfalls of object-oriented programming – from the design perspective, as well as regarding code performance. It mentions problem of latency in accessing data in RAM memory on today computer architectures. It shows DOD (Data-Oriented Design) as an alternative approach to design and implementation of a game engine focused on optimizing data structures in terms of performance. It also describes efficiency of different C++ language constructs. 

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# IGK'8-2011 - 8th Polish Game Engineering Conference

Mar 2011

In just an hour we're leaving for this year's 8th Polish Game Engineering Conference (VIII Ogólnopolska Konferencja Inżynierii Gier Komputerowych) - IGK-8'2011 in Siedlce, Poland. As always, I will last 3 days and include lectures, as well as a competition where we have to make a game in 7 hours in teams of 4 developers. This time me and Tomasz Dąbrowski are giving a lecture entitled "Developing Efficient C++ Code with Data-Oriented Design" (Polish: "Tworzenie wydajnego kodu C++ w podejściu zorientowanym na dane"). We also plan to participate in the competition as team "Rzeźnicy Inc.", just like in the previous year. We will have access to the Internet there, so watch this forum topic for some updates and photos. See you in Siedlce!

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