My Theory of Communication

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Aug 2009

Today is the Blog Day. I'm not going to link the website or apply their advices about recommending other blogs, but instead I want to present my little theory explaining what's the place of blogging and tweeting among other forms of communication.

I think that communication and knowledge sharing can be seen as a spectrum, where each form has its place between two extremes - first is writing/reading a book and the second is a casual real-life chat. I hope this diagram explains everything:

Theory of Communication

So if you only like to read books and you disregard communication via the Internet and casual chatting or the opposite - you are used to only write and read short messages to your friends and you never read books or write long letters - then think for a while whether your way of communication is really better than others or maybe your beliefs make you losing some of the opporunities from this full spectrum that you may enjoy...

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