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Nov 2009

Today I'd like to show a piece of my code with an interesting solution. The problem is: Most of us have to restart our applications to see changes made in textures, shaders and other data files. It may not be a problem at the beginning, but as the application and the amount of resources grow, loading the whole thing takes longer and longer. Wouldn't be great if we could change or replace asset files and immediately see the results without restarting the game? This idea seems fascinating especially after watching some of the videos about CryEngine 3 editor :)

So here is my solution: FileChangeMonitor.cpp, FileChangeMonitor.hpp. It's not a ready-to-use code snippet, but rather something you can base on when writing your own code. I've created a FileChangeMonitor class and a global variable to give access to its single instance to everyone. The purpose of this class is monitoring some files for change in their "last modified" date. Here is the way to use it:

Of course I didn't want to block entire application for the time of retrieving file date, so I do it on separate thread. That thread has a loop (with some delay of course), checks modification time of registered files and posts a small structure to a queue after noticing file change. ProcessEvents method called in main thread only processes this queue and dispatches received events to registered listeners.

I'm aware this code is not perfect. The more files are registered, the less frequent each file is checked for modification. I could also use some lockless data structure as a queue instead of std::vector protected by mutex. I could even use totally different solution, like monitoring changes in a directory provided by Windows API (look for ReadDirectoryChangesW function in MSDN). But this solution works OK for me, the implementation can be changed without changing its very simple interface and my point here is just to tell you that it's very convenient when you can change a texture, shader code or any other asset and it is automatically reloaded in a second, without restarting your application.

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