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Warning! Some information on this page is older than 5 years now. I keep it for reference, but it probably doesn't reflect my current knowledge and beliefs.

Dec 2012

I gather and share stuff in many different ways. I post short messages on Twitter, write longer posts on this blog, publish even longer articles as Publications, upload photos to Picasaweb and videos to YouTube. But there is another category of things I like to (mostly) collect, search, access from any place and (maybe also) share - bookmarks to interesting Internet addresses, whether whole websites or specific articles.

Years ago I used TXT files for that purpose. I still use them a lot, but for bookmarking I switched to Delicious some time ago. Then the company was bought by Yahoo and the page started working slower and slower, I don't remember what else but somehow I decided to look for another social bookmarking service. That's how I found Zootool - the service I now use and recommend.

It works like this: First you create your profile. You can set your avatar and fill information about yourself. Then you start bookmarking stuff. You can do it via web interface, but they recommend installing a plugin, available for Safari, Chrome and Firefox, which allows adding bookmark to your "Zoo" as you visit some webpage. You can then open "My Zoo" to see, search and edit your bookmarks using nice, asynchronous interface (AJAX-based - does not reload entire page on every click).

When it comes to features, it's quite standard. Every bookmark has a title, description, URL and tags. Bookmarks can also be made private - invisible on your public profile. The service also offers export, import and JSON API. The company makes money from selling Pro Membership. I wish them many customers and lots of money, but for me the features of free account are sufficient. The only thing I don't like about this whole service is that they generate and show a big screenshot of every bookmark on someone's profile, even in RSS channel and there is no way to switch to more compact list. Anyway, here is my profile on Zootool and I also recommend this service for everyone of you who collect bookmarks to interesting places on the Web.

reg @ Zootool

Update 2012-01-15: After reading comment from Hern (thanks!), I switched to Pinboard. That's another bookmarking service and will now be my favourite. It's not free - registration costs 9.99 USD and the web interface doesn't look very attractive, but otherwise it has all the features I aforementioned plus some more, like marking bookmark as "Unread" to be able to show a "TODO" list of pages to read in my free time, which I implemented before using "foo" tag :) So now I'm reg @ Pinboard (RSS).

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