Hello World Under the Microscope - New Article Published

Oct 2022

A Python program that prints "Hello World" on the console - what can be simpler than this? The entire program is:

print("Hello World")

Yet, together with my friends, we wrote a long article about it! When the topic is described by two security researchers skilled in reverse engineering and knowledgeable about the internals of Python interpreter, Windows operating system, and its console, together with a graphics programmer that knows how graphics and text get displayed on the screen, from Direct3D API down to the internals of a graphics card and pixels on the screen, the result is an in-depth description of the long journey this simple command makes in a computer.

The article was originally published in Polish in issue 100 (1/2022) of the Programista magazine in February 2022. Now, we prepared an English translation, and we are allowed to publish it for free on the Internet, so here it is: Hello World under the microscope. You can also download the original Polish version as PDF file or order printed version of the magazine.

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