Tantalum - 2D Light Transport | Benedikt Bitterli's Portfolio
rendering webgl raytracing demo
google/orbit: C/C++ Performance Profiler
profiler tool google
Vulkanised 2024 | Vulkan | Cross platform 3D Graphics
vulkan conference event vulkanised slides database
Using automatic shader PDB resolution in PIX - PIX on Windows
directx microsoft shaders
Hexops - the next generation of games
Neural networks and deep learning
ai book
Mathematics for Machine Learning | Companion webpage to the book “Mathematics for Machine Learning”. Copyright 2020 by Marc Peter Deisenroth, A. Aldo Faisal, and Cheng Soon Ong. Published by Cambridge University Press.
ai book
Understanding Deep Learning
ai book
Don't Use Moving Averages / unconed | Observable
nlohmann/json: JSON for Modern C++
json library
The Tremendous Yet Troubled State of Gaming in 2024 — MatthewBall.co
Nowe badania sugerują, że brutalne gry wideo nie zwiększają agresji. Mogą być nawet korzystne | Dziennik Naukowy
psychology research games
Pitch Decks - GameDiscoverCo Plus
gamedev business database
valdes.cc - Jon Valdes' Website
rendering blog
Hexagonal Grids
algorithms gamedev programming
World Map - Simple | MapChart

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