PlayStation 5 uncovered: the Mark Cerny tech deep dive •
playstation hardware sony console
Useful Links | DirectX Developer Blog
directx microsoft links
Motherfucking Website
webdev humor
Management of Command Buffers and Multi-Threaded Recording - Graphics and Gaming blog - Graphics and Gaming - Arm Community
vulkan - baza filmów szkoleniowych dla twórców gier wideo
New: Vulkan Device Generated Commands | NVIDIA Developer Blog
vulkan nvidia rendering
Float Exposed
math programming
Memory Bandwidth Napkin Math
performance memory programming
One line to rule them all
programming rendering blog
Generative Artistry
rendering art
rendering blog
Duskborn — Duskborn Labs is where Neil ‘@sheredom‘ Henning writes up things of interest.
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Visual | Extract
rendering blog
is it canceled yet?
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Using DXC In Practice · Wizard Union
directx - Writing an efficient Vulkan renderer
vulkan rendering

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