Blog | Moments in Graphics
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Vulkan Layer Symbiosis within the Vulkan Ecosystem
Optimizing DX12 Resource Uploads to the GPU Using CPU-Visible VRAM | NVIDIA Developer Blog
nvidia memory gpu optimization
Windows 2021 HDR getting started guide | DirectX Developer Blog
rendering hdr microsoft
MMPX Style-Preserving Pixel Art Magnification (JCGT)
Bartosz Ciechanowski
science blog
nvidia library rendering raytracing
The Rotting Internet Is a Collective Hallucination - The Atlantic
C++ Programming - The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2021 Infographic | JetBrains: Developer Tools for Professionals and Teams
epezent/implot: Advanced 2D Plotting for Dear ImGui
library gui graphics graph
Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule
management productivity
Compute shader glossary
From the ACR team: Super Resolution
rendering adobe
A Macro View of Nanite – The Code Corsair
rendering unreal nanite
Diligent Engine: A Modern Cross-Platform Low-Level Graphics Library - CodeProject
rendering engine
GitHub - Traverse-Research/gpu-allocator: 🦀 Memory allocator written in pure Rust for GPU memory in Vulkan and in the future DirectX 12
gpu memory library

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