common::POINT_ Struct Reference
[Math ModulePunkt 2D z liczb całkowitych]

Punkt 2D z liczb całkowitych. More...

#include <Math.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 POINT_ ()
 POINT_ (int x, int y)
bool operator== (const POINT_ &v) const
bool operator!= (const POINT_ &v) const
POINT_ operator- () const
POINT_ operator+ (const POINT_ &v) const
POINT_ operator- (const POINT_ &v) const
POINT_operator+= (const POINT_ &v)
POINT_operator-= (const POINT_ &v)
POINT_operator*= (int v)
POINT_operator/= (int v)
int & operator[] (uint4 Index)
const int & operator[] (uint4 Index) const
int * GetArray ()
const int * GetArray () const

Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
      int   x
      int   y
   int   v [2]

Static Public Attributes

static const POINT_ ZERO

Detailed Description

Punkt 2D z liczb całkowitych.

Kompatybilny ze strukturą POINT z Win32API. Nazywa się tak dziwnie, bo POINT to w Windows API marko i robi problem z nazwą. Konwersja do i ze stringa: "x,y", np. "10,1".

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

common::POINT_::POINT_ (  )  [inline]
common::POINT_::POINT_ ( int  x,
int  y 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

const int* common::POINT_::GetArray (  )  const [inline]
int* common::POINT_::GetArray (  )  [inline]
bool common::POINT_::operator!= ( const POINT_ v  )  const [inline]
POINT_& common::POINT_::operator*= ( int  v  )  [inline]
POINT_ common::POINT_::operator+ ( const POINT_ v  )  const [inline]
POINT_& common::POINT_::operator+= ( const POINT_ v  )  [inline]
POINT_ common::POINT_::operator- ( const POINT_ v  )  const [inline]
POINT_ common::POINT_::operator- (  )  const [inline]
POINT_& common::POINT_::operator-= ( const POINT_ v  )  [inline]
POINT_& common::POINT_::operator/= ( int  v  )  [inline]
bool common::POINT_::operator== ( const POINT_ v  )  const [inline]
const int& common::POINT_::operator[] ( uint4  Index  )  const [inline]
int& common::POINT_::operator[] ( uint4  Index  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

union { ... }
const POINT_ common::POINT_::ZERO [static]

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