GameDev Calc

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Game Developer's Calculator
Version 1.0, April 2008
License: GNU GPL

SOURCE: (50.7 KB)


GameDev Calc


GameDev Calc is a calculator for game and graphics developers. It's different from standard Windows calculator, but I believe it's quite intuitive and useful.

The calculator is SIMD. It's just like manually executing shaders. Basic data type is not a single number, but a vector of up to four floating point numbers which you can treat as vector (x,y,z,w) or color (r,g,b,a).

Next to standard operations like addition, multiplication or sine, there are many special operations available, like calculating length of a vector. Available operations include:

The way GameDev Calc works is much different than traditional calculator, where you can see only the last number entered. Here you can see all the history of your computations in form of a stack and you perform all operations on this stack. For example, to calculate 2 * 3 + 4, you must:

You can freely move vectors around the stack, delete them, duplicate them, insert separators and store vectors in additional memory, so you are not limited to operating only at the end of the stack.

GameDev Calc gives you possibility to read and enter vectors as strings in one of the standard formats or your custom formats that suit your needs. For example, you can write and read vector (0, 0.5, 0.752, 1.0) as:

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