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Uwaga! Informacje na tej stronie mają ponad 5 lat. Nadal je udostępniam, ale prawdopodobnie nie odzwierciedlają one mojej aktualnej wiedzy ani przekonań.

Sep 2007

I've just downloaded and browsed issues of a web zin about game development: Dev.Mag. It is written in English, created in South Africa and resembles a bit our WARP [PL]. It contains articles about game industry, as well as a bit about graphics and programming (rather for beginners though - recursion, trigonometry and the like :)

By the way, I've decided to gather links to the websites about game development from different countries. Some are not in English, but still they're worth seeing. I can see that our website [PL] is not so bad when compared to them. Until now I know these websites:

Do you know any other?

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