Texture Shader for Generating Textures

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Oct 2009

There was a discussion recently on our forum (in the topic [HLSL] Przekazywanie struktury ?!?) about shader performance and execution time of texture fetches versus arithmetic operations. When we need a sophisticated function that involves many costly computations in a shader, sometimes it is better to prepare a special texture to be sampled as a lookup table for values of this function. But how to generate such texture?

Of course you can write a simple console program, create Direct3D device of type D3DDEVTYPE_NULLREF, create a texture in the D3DPOOL_SCRATCH pool, fill its pixels and finally save it to a file. But there is another solution called Texture Shaders. It's not a new shader type introduced in DirectX 10/11/... It actually exists for quite a long time and is available in D3DX for generating textures with a shader. Such shader is always executed on CPU. If you are interested, look at functions D3DXCreateTextureShader, D3DXFillTextureTX and the ID3DXTextureShader interface.

Another good news is that you can utilize Texture Shaders without coding any program in C++. All you need is AMD RenderMonkey shader IDE. To generate a texture procedurally:

Here is my example:

Interesting curiosity: there is a intrinsic function in HLSL available only in Texture Shaders - noise, which generates Perlin noise.

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